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    1 Name, Purpose and Values

    This is the Constitution, with effect from 25 July 2019, of the Occidental Studies Democracy Club Institute (“ODC”), an organisation undertaking research and consultancy to enhance the resilience of Occidental Society. ODC´s purpose is: to explore, with a view to understanding its foundations and future relationship with other types of civilisation; and to promote to all generations t the nature of resilient citizenship in the Occidental World (the Americas, Canada, Australia, Europe, Israel, New Zealand, and Russia). This purpose includes proposing more resilient democracy - for example in Europe by improving democratic accountability and citizens’ quality of life - within and beyond the Occidental World. ODC’s values are informed by the Christian-Judaic tradition and the Enlightenment.

    2 Executive Committee

    a) The Committee, as ODC’s senior decision making body, shall determine ODC’s priorities and activities and shall make such arrangements as appear to it apt to ensure ODC’s effective pursuit of its purpose and compliance with law.
    b) The President of Occidental Studies Institute shall be Chair of the Committee. There shall be not more than three Vice-Presidents of ODC who shall be Deputy Chairs of the Committee.
    The Director shall ex officio be Secretary of the Committee in a non-voting capacity. The founding officers of the Committee are:
    Chair: Mirta R. Acero
    Deputy Chair: Kohen Turner
    Secretary: David Odalric Caixal
    c) The Committee: shall determine and record its procedures; may appoint not more than ten members for the period of two years from 25 July 2019 (including the power to fill such casual vacancies among Officers and/or the Committee as may arise) and further officers as non-voting members; may appoint and/or revoke the appointment of sub-committees and/or working groups and/or ambassadors; shall reach decisions by majority vote and, in the event of a tied vote, the Chair may exercise a casting vote; and shall by 1 January 2021 settle a method of for electing a Committee to take office from 25 July 2021 and for eligibility for membership of ODC with voting rights and for associate membership of ODC.
    d) Terms of office on the Committee and/or of its officers are renewable.
    e) Members of the Committee may claim reasonable expenses for undertaking approved duties on behalf of ODC and may also be remunerated for consultancy and other activities undertaken by bodies established by ODC. As regards their approved activities on behalf of ODC, members of the Committee may also derive personal protection from such insurance policies as the Committee judges it appropriate to purchase on behalf of ODC.
    f) A quorum of the Committee shall be at least two voting members. Where practicable and at the discretion of the chairman of the meeting, members of the Committee shall be permitted to attend by video or audio conferences as if they were physically present at the meeting.
    g) Except where the Committee has agreed otherwise, the Speaker of ODC shall be its Chair.
    h) Unless and until the Committee has appointed a Compliance Officer, the Secretary shall be responsible for compliance including but not limited to data protection requirements in all jurisdictions to which ODC’s activities make it subject.
    i) The Chairman may invite any persons to attend the Committee’s meetings as non-voting participants.
    j) The responsibilities of the Committee shall include:the following responsibilities which may not be delegated: the review and approval of ODC’s annual budgets, the monitoring of financial performance and the production and publication of annual accounts; removal from office of any person within ODC; and recognition of associates and the following responsibilities which may by express decision be delegated: the appointment of senior staff; the administration of the register of members and cancellation or refusal of membership, in its absolute discretion, of any member or prospective member; the oversight of the management and administration of associates and groupings thereof; the management of ODC’s conferences; ensuring that women, young people and minorities are properly involved and represented in all aspects of ODC’s work and organisation and appointing a Deputy Chair with this specific responsibility; and the resolution of any disputes within ODC.

    3. Standards

    The Committee shall when appropriate appoint a Compliance Officer who shall be responsible for: ensuring that the provisions of this Constitution are complied with by all officers, Committee members and members; identifying any breach of the provisions of this Constitution and requiring, by written warning, the relevant person(s) to remedy any identified breach within a specified period of time; informing the Committee of any failure to comply with the notice to remedy the breach whereupon the Committee may take such action without limit as it shall think fit against the relevant person(s).

    4 Changes to the Constitution

    a)The Committee may, with not more than one voting member of the Committee dissenting, amend the Constitution from time to time as it sees fit but shall within one year of membership being introduced in accordance with 2c above make proposals for members of ODCSI to determine changes to the Constitution with effect by no later than one year after such proposals coming into force.

    5 Governing law, jurisdiction and interpretation.

    a) This Constitution is governed exclusively by North American and English law respectivly and the Courts of New Hampshire in USA and London in England the two bases of the club and they will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute and/or in connection with it.
    b)In this Constitution, except in so far as the context otherwise requires, the provisions of the Interpretation Act 1978 (or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereto) shall apply.