• Blue Sign PR

    Your Consultancy Group

    The client is one of the most important parts of our professional sector and because of this, BlueSign Pr considers every client as part of its family. We offer our professional advice through smart, educated and empathic consultants that will treat you and your company as the priority number one and will find the best solution for you. Because the most important part of us, it is you. Blue Sign Pr, your Consultancy group.

  • Irelac

    Institute for the Relations between EU, Latin-America and The Caribbean

    The Interuniversity Institute for the Relations between European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean is an non-profit u organization of experts in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean that works as an interdisciplinary network of many universities and academic experts dealing with the relations between the two regions, especially focused upon analysing the bi-regional academic relations and cooperation.

  • Polis

    Institute of Languages & Humanities

    Polis - The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities is an academic institution founded in 2011 with the goal of contributing to the revitalization of the humanities through the development of an innovative methodology -the Polis Method- that brings back to life the languages of the Western Ancient and Medieval World and teaches Middle Eastern languages through full immersion. This methodology enables students to speak, read and write fluently these languages as they do with their mother tongue, enabling them the possibility of conducting a direct dialogue with the sources of our intellectual history, so that future generations can keep enjoying the fruits produced by those who preceded us. Recovering access to these sources, most of which have never been translated to a modern language, scholars will be able to shed light on issues affecting contemporary societies and ways of thinking.


    International Organization for Democracy and Human Rights

    Promotes the concepts of international conventions by creating practical projects, especially those relating to auto-determination, of guarantying privileges, protection of refugee and minorities, the rights of children and women, to slavery and similar practices, the rights of the revoked people or of those who are in prison, protection against torture and other inhuman treatment, the right to peace and privacy, the rights of people with disabilities, to also advocate for the prevention of war crimes and crimes against humanity and of genocide, develop concepts of the international law of humanitarianism and to pursue implementation of what was discussed at the meetings but also in the corporations of the United Nations.

  • intereconomia

    Intereconomia TV | Television en directo

    Intereconomia Television is a Spanish generalist television channel owned by the Intereconomia Group that includes political, religious, economic, sports and social information, films, series and documentaries of own production and others of general content, and research reports.

  • Asociacion AUBLE -A

    Association for Unification of the Business Law in Europe

    European construction is today at a crucial moment in its history. The collapse of the European project and the need for Europe to regain control of its destiny requires us to return to the origin of the European project, proposing concrete achievements that create in Europe de facto solidarities. European entrepreneurs benefit from the same currency but this currency is not based on unified business rules. This is why the AUDE association has promised the construction of a European Business Code unifying all the legal rules governing the life of the business (European company, insolvency, insurance, banking law ...) The ambition of this project is to simplify economic exchanges and investment in the Eurozone, in particular by SMEs that are directly confronted with the growing legal complexity, taking inspiration from the successful model OHADA (Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa ) and soon OHADAC (Caribbean). It is a project carried out by the civil society.

  • OWmagazine

    OWmagazine aims to reinforce, through the heterogeneous thought that identifies the essence of our culture, what is undoubtedly our common denominator: the Occidental identity

  • Seneca

    The first Séneca Editorial was founded in Mexico by emigrants and Spanish exiles who in 1939 was the Civil War. Strong intellectuals. José Bergamín and later. Emilio Prados. The last publication of the Mexican exile dates from 1949. It played an important role in the intellectual life of the exiles during the 1940s.

    In September 2006, we took up the pulse of history, rescuing anonymity and forgetting the name of the first publishing house of exiles, trying to give continuity to the work of its first editors. This is how the same urgent character is printed in the task of rescuing that culture, sometimes lost and abandoned. This work is joined by partners and friends who together with them project and shape the senequista spirit. This is how the new Editorial Séneca was born.

    Think of the destiny of the human being and the nations. But in that thought we forget the importance of our individual responsibility, our approach and commitment to the correct values that should govern us every day. Art is a good way to question the essential alternatives that the urgency of our time demands. And from our project we are convinced that a New Ethical Culture is possible. Our mission, vision and purpose is developed mainly in that goal.


    The CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) of the Republic of Albania, is associated with the Ministry of the Interior (Internal Audit Service SH.KB) Also in continuous cooperation with the structure such as Interpol, Europol, among other organizations

    Prevention, detection, documentation and preliminary investigation of criminal offenses committed by employees of the State Police, regardless of their position and rank, for crimes in the exercise of power consumed, and because of it. The inspection of the work of all structures State Police compliance with applicable legislation and standards required, to ensure accountability, effectiveness and efficiency. The center is an independent organization established in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Albania. It carries out its activity in accordance with national and international laws and in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations within and outside the country, for a better development of its facility. The center has the right to open branches in the whole territory of the Republic of Albania. It organizes conferences, symposia, seminars, and various activities with professionals in different fields, domestic and foreign.The head office of the investigation is known, and the Agency for the Promotion of Civil Society (ASCS) Central Bureau of Investigation is Recognised by the Agency for the Support of Civil Society.


    The CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) of the Republic of Albania, is associated with the Ministry of the Interior (Internal Audit Service SH.KB) Also in continuous cooperation with the structure such as Interpol, Europol, among other organizations

    In 1986, with the strong motivation produced by the wars that were imposed on the Argentine Nation in crisis, a group of academics and teachers of Strategy decided to create the "Foundation Institute of Strategic Studies of Buenos Aires." The objective established in its Statute, stated: "The Foundation Institute of Strategic Studies of Buenos Aires (FIEEBA) is a private non-profit entity, acting within the framework of Law 19836, with the general objective of conducting research and providing Teaching, advising and disseminating the strategic-political issues that make up the present and future of the Argentine Republic and the South American Region. " In order to fulfill this objective and in consideration of the nature and characteristics of the Posnuclear Strategy, multidisciplinary work teams were formed in the areas of research and teaching, oriented in the search and implementation of policies and strategies suitable for the Region And our Nation, in the difficult years of the end of the twentieth century. The generalized economic crisis and hyperinflation reached our institution. The founding partners, who maintained the essential patronage to maintain the activity undertaken, ceased in their support. The Foundation ceased to exist as such. The current Institute of Strategic Studies of Buenos Aires (IEEBA) was maintained, developing activities of minimum cost.


    SECINDEF Israel-USA is a Think Tank, a Group of Analysis and Thought, dedicated to the formation, dissemination and defense of the values ​​of the Judeo-Christian Culture in the West. SECIDNEF as an analysis and thinking group of the OSI Foundation, which works in defense of Israel and Western culture, responding to the challenges arising from the increase and specialization of physical and logical security needs in both developed countries and economies emerging being specialized in Islamic terrorist movements. SECINDEF is formed by various professionals who collaborate from different countries, on five continents in the defense of Western culture. It seeks to explore the values ​​of the Western mentality as a concept of integration in itself, as an idea of ​​universalism based on common principles and as a model of real integration and tolerance. With this, SECINDEF must first and foremost, as one of its main objectives decidedly promote the Culture of Security in the European Society, so it perceives as its own issues related to its security, its freedom and the defense of its interests.

  • SECINDEF / OSI Intelligence

    SECINDEF / OSI Intelligence is an analysis group belonging to the OSI Foundation (Occidental Studies Institute) in the United States. OSI Intelligence is an Anti-Intelligence Think-Tank, which is established as an OSI Foundation institution to help our society and culture build solid bridges of understanding between civilizations, avoiding civilization clashes by finding the balance between protecting our own way of life and understanding the world and the concept of society, but also the understanding and implementation of tools to use between civilizations and cultures with opposite values ​​to accept our differences as complementarity and understand the path to a peaceful coexistence between them.

  • Protectado Radio

    Protectado Radio is the only program in Spain that disseminates and promotes the knowledge of Private Security, Citizen Security and the self-protection of citizens, their businesses and goods through the waves in order to prevent and react to risks Protected Radio, every Tuesday from two thirty to three thirty in the afternoon with Pedro Gomez your security director. We will talk about the prevention of robberies, thefts, scams and accidents. The well-being of citizens, the security and protection of their families, homes and businesses is the most important. Listen to us, we want to protect you on Tuesdays from two-thirty to three-thirty in the afternoon, here at Radio Intereconomia.

  • Police Association in Catalonia

    Police Association in Catalonia: This association was born as a result of the desire to strengthen ties between people who are part of the different security forces that carry out their daily tasks in Catalonia. Respecting one's ideas, but under the force of a joint feeling of respect for the Supreme Standard that reinforces our bonds of coexistence, the Spanish Constitution and respect for current regulations. For all this we encourage all women and men, police officers in Catalonia.

  • The Observatory

    The Observatory was born from the Promotion of the International Institute for the Study of Global Security (INISEG), and combines the interests and will of a group of Academic Institutions, Official Organizations and private organizations of an international nature to respond to radicalization movements and the latent terrorist threat that arises and influences our society. Emerged as an independent entity, OCATRY aims to set up a portal and database to provide support and information to students, researchers, universities and companies within the scope of jihadist terrorism.

  • Marines Corps Association & Foundation

    To be the preeminent association and foundation for all Marines and friends of the Corps dedicated to leader development, recognition of professional excellence and expanding awareness of the rich traditions, history, and spirit of the United States Marine Corps. The Marine Corps Association & Foundation is the professional organization of the United States Marine Corps, founded more than 100 years ago by General John A. Lejeune. MCA&F is a member based organization dedicated to professional development, recognition of excellence, and building awareness of the rich traditions, history and esprit of the United States Marine Corps. We accomplish this in a variety of ways including providing two iconic publications, the Marine Corps Gazette and Leatherneck Magazine of the Marines, and by hosting professional dinners and award ceremonies for Marines and friends of the Corps.