Our Services

services OSI Occidental Studies Institute offers CONSULTANCY services that will help the national and transnational institutions to understand the concepts of macroeconomic adaptation, migration, global and sociocultural policies that the new trends in the Western World demand.

We also help the CEO's to improve their business understanding better the implementation of their company´ goals into the new foreign country they want to be introduced to. Our educational & cultural systems, will help national and international institutions in the world of the High Education to a better improvement of their potentialities reaching new level of students and helping like this to the diverse communities cohabiting through our RMI -Real Model of Integration- within our Occidental Society to be successfully integrated inside and outside of the Western World.

OSI Occidental Studies Institute seeks to develop a better understanding of the meaning of "Westernity" through its own E-Campus using its E-Learning platform to develop the teaching of its values through its MASTERS OF OCCIDENTAL WORLD and COUNTERINTELLIGENCE, its RESEARCHING PROGRAMS about Integration, Migration and Global Governance and its TRAINING COURSES in collaboration with different international organizations and institutions, helping to promote the concepts of our Occidental democratic system, our Common Identity as Occidental citizens, our ways to understand our path of Governance, our internal and foreign policies and also, ways to implement our micro and macro economy, cross cultural and multinational business through expertized courses and high level and experienced professors.