Our Goal

goal OSI Occidental Studies Institute intends to demonstrate, promote and expand the value of “Westernity” to our own Occidental societies and to other cultures that want to explore the convergence of Western values within our system, to help to show how communication between different communities inside the Western world aids cultural consciousness. OSI seeks to show how what works inside of the Occidental World can work outside it through the development of skills which emerged only out of the emergence of Occidental society itself. OSI Foundation, through its sections of Human Rights aims to help to improve the situation of undervaluated communities and collective of persons that need to be supported to defend their rights

OSI Intelligence a Counter-Intelligence Think-Tank, appears as an arm of OSI to help to our society and culture to build solid bridges of understanding between civilizations, avoiding the clashes of civilization finding the balance between protecting our own way of living and understanding the World and the concept of Society but also understanding and implementing tools to use between civilizations and cultures with opposite values to accept our differences as complementarities and to understand the path to a peaceful convivence between them.