Have access to an extensive network of Occidental consultants and advisors.

    The Club Occidental Democracy offers to their members and their guests a perfect opportunity to improve their networking through our international conferences, professional trainings, private or institutional counseling as well as a place to join a heterodox and interesting family as OSI Occidental Studies Institute host in their Occidental Democracy Club.

    Being part of Occidental Democracy Club offers you a range of benefits as well as a certificate of a membership:

  • Access to publish 3 articles per year, newsletters and discounts for advertising rates in our international scientific magazine Occidental World based in Washington DC.
  • Reduced rates for Counseling, training, policy advising and our E-Learning platform.
  • Opportunities as speakers or sponsoring and also, have access to our Networking in our Occidental events.
  • Reduced cost for advertising on Collaborators in Occidental Studies Institute website.
  • Free entrance and updates about our International Conferences "Mind Crossing Borders".
  • Discounts for assistance and advice with grants or fundraising.
  • Access to online-library containing literature that will be available shortly about Occidentalism.
  • Act honourably, with ethic and integrity to the society and will keep the honourability in their expressions and actions to all the Western countries, its society and values, OSI Occidental Studies Institutes as well as keep the honor and good fame of Occidental World Magazine and Occidental Democracy Club. Reserved the admission right.

  • Download please file (DOWNLOAD)
  • Keep a copy of the completed application form for the club’s files.
  • Include the member’s name and number with your address on the monthly membership fee contribution. When the entrance fees and dues have been collected and the new member has been provided with a membership card, the new member’s name and address will be added to the club mailing list in order to keep the new member update about the progress of OSI Occidental Studies Institute, the new articles of OWMagazine and the proximately new catalogue of ODC promotions to you could have discounts with associate companies that share our values.