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  • OSI Occidental Studies Institute and its international magazine OW aims to reinforce the essence of our culture and our common nature: the Occidental identity (ODC)
  • We are glad to share our beliefs to all those friends who have started betting on us and our speech from the beginning and welcome to the ones that want to join this family through the Occidental Democracy Club´s membership.
  • OSI Occidental Studies Institute and its international magazine OW started in 2017 as a path to explore and promote the values of our ancient Occidental culture, a culture that advocates today freedom of expression and the peacefully convivence. A History of a Civilization that must be respected, deeply known for their citizens first and the rest of the World also and of course, reinforced as a model of universalism and development.
  • OW, as a quarterly virtual scientific magazine with ISSN in Washington DC, was born with the wish to show different aspects of what is our Occidental world and common culture. Our journal, using the English language as lingua franca, is showing the different variations of the English language derived from the use of different countries as part of the cultural richness that Occidental World has.
  • The International Affairs section will be the one that will follow matters related to politics, governance, internationality and diplomacy but also Culture and Society as part of the international panorama that exists around the Occidental World. The Human Rights section will integrate themes related to what its own name indicates, together with issues related to religion or gender. The Innovation and Science section will try to show all the matters concerning to the past, present and future of what is a constant in the Western Mindset: the innovation through the freedom of thought and actions in a democratic environment that values the mind above all.
  • We are proud to seem interesting for practically the worldwide:
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