Ambassadors Of OSI
  • Mirta R. Acero, Ph.D

    Institutional Representative in Europe and EU

    Mirta is Doctor in European Identity and constitutional European Framework, researcher, writer, professor of Modern and Contemporary History and also specialises in Foreign Trade and International Relations, she has acquired various experiences combining university degrees in History of Art, Modern and Contemporary History, expertise in History of Music and Art Market and also International Affairs with her experience around Europe. She has made networking as an academic and also through the business world. Also, she has been applying her expertise as a lecturer and as a consultant in North-Central, West and South of Europe. She collaborates as an academic member of IRELAC -International Relations between Europe, Latin America and The Caribbean-, a Brussels institution connected with EU and its ECLAC -Commission for Latin America and The Caribbean-; she is also a member of 3QC a Think-Tank based at Regent´s University in London.

  • Kohen L. Turner

    Institutional Representative of OSI in USA & Africa

    Mr. Kohen L. Turner President of GG&D Group since 1987. A closely held private group of companies from mining firms including Artisan miners. Current President of Minerals International Business Associates (MIBA GROUP).MIBA GROUP associates are actively involved in the mining or collectors of precious natural gems. Current Advisor to owner of 9th Century Gem Collection and GIA Expert Valuations. Currently Outside Advisor to principal of Gold Bullion having GLD market status. Currently President of American Import Export Company (AMIMEXCO). Principal Researcher at NewTech R & D developing the New Best Products with no negative Impact on environmental. Expert in Microeconomics Forecasting and Financial Analysis.

  • Julio Ariza

    Institutional Representative of OSI in Spain

    Graduated in law from the University of Navarra, lawyer and Spanish businessman. Diploma in business management by IESE and in International Commerce by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. He was deputy and chairman of the commission for the study of AIDS in the parliament of Catalonia. President and Founder of multiple mass media actives, as well as well-known formats of radio and television programs. Currently President of Intereconomía TV and Vice President of the Concordia Foundation, member of the Board of Trustees of the Royal Theater of Madrid and of the Council for the Beatification of Isabel la Católica -Isabel I, Queen of Spain-.

  • Jorge Corrado, Ph.D

    Institutional Representative of OSI in Argentina

    Dr. Jorge Corrado is a Lawyer, University of Buenos Aires, he has a Master's Degree in Strategy and Geopolitics at the Argentine Army War College, in the same Institution he is a graduate of the Annual Strategic Intelligence Course. He is Director General of the IEEBA collaborator of the Argentine Academy of International Affairs. Professor of Law, Political Science and Security Careers at the Catholic University of La Plata, as well as the Postgraduate Program in Public Policies in the Security area. In addition to Rectoral Delegate in the Bernal Headquarters of the UCALP. In the Higher Institute of Public Safety of the City of Buenos Aires, he is the Academic Coordinator of the Driving and Driving subject and professor of the Leadership and Strategic Thought subjects. In Spain he is a prominent lecturer and professor at the International Institute for Professional Training in Police Procedures, based in Valencia. Principal analyst of Strategic Intelligence of the international consultancy SECINDEF, with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, a company dedicated to consulting, training and rendering services in the field of Security, Intelligence and Defense, specialized in Organized Crime and International Terrorism

  • Major Olavo Mendonca

    Institutional Representative of OSI in Brazil and Portugal

    Major Olavo Mendonça is a Major of Military Police / Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil. Secretary of State for Public Security and Social Defense, Military Police of the Federal District. Police specialist in tactics, armament, traffic policies, information technology. Professor in the Superior Institute of Sciences of the police. Creator and editor of the electronic magazine BlitzDigital and host of the radio program BlitzDigital Federal in Brasilia.

  • Colonel Roberto Donoso

    Institutional Representative of OSI in Chile

    Colonel Roberto Donoso is a Colonel of the Army of Chile (R). Director of the CEIICOM (Center for Competitive Intelligence Studies of Chile) and Institutional Representative (collaborator) of SECINDEF in Chile. Colonel Donoso, is an academic with more than 30 years of experience in communication issues, Bachelor of Military Sciences with a specialty in Telecommunications. He is also Doctor in Education of the UNED Spain, specialist in the analysis of Information Operations (Infoop), Cybersecurity and Cyber Defense in Critical Infrastructures of Information Systems and analyst and researcher of Psychological Operations.

  • Marco Federico

    Institutional Representative of OSI in Southern Europe

    Marco Federico, Analyst of the Observatory against the Terrorist Threat and the Jihadist Radicalization of SECINDEF (Security, Intelligence and Defense) Israel-USA International Consulting Counterterrorism. Strategic Information Center - Declaration and fight against global organized crime. Analyst and Director at Observatory Director Italian Intelligence Secret Service.

  • Alket Furxhiu

    Institutional Representative of OSI in Eastern Europe

    Alket Furxhiu is Director General Central Research Office, Tirana, Albania. He currently works as a member of the Electoral Commission in Albania and Head of Security in a security company. The main objective is to find evidence against the organization of crime and terrorism in Albania and nearby countries. Director General of the Anti-Drug Agency (A.M.A) Romania-Albania. Appointed Director General for Albania and the Balkans. Currently authorizes the fight against drugs for Romania and Albania. Investigation and preparation for the prosecution of the main offenders of the laws of controlled substances both nationally and internationally. Director Association Europe Close Protection in Albania (A.E.C.P) Responsible for providing protection to the National Association in Europe. Awarded as Honorary Ambassador (DESI) European Intelligent Agency. American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations. International Police Association in California, United States of America

  • Colonel John Marulanda

    Institutional Representative of OSI in Colombia

    Colonel John Marulanda -Diploma in Comandos y Estado Mayor, from theSuperior School of War in Colombia, in the Cavalry Weapon. Pose the hallmarks of Urban Counter-guerrilla, Lancer, Parachutist, Diver and Helicopter Pilot. Degree in Philosophy and History from Santo Tomás University, Lawyer of Gran Colombia, Diploma in Political Psychology from Ohio State University, Master in Political Studies from Javeriana University. Diploma in Negotiation from Harvard University and disaster management at the University of Pittsburgh. Conference on security issues in various places around the world. Consultant on Security and Defense for various Latin American governments. Consultant on Security and Defense for CNN in Spanish and CNN International.

  • Jon Pettigrew

    Institutional Representative of OSI in Uk

    Jon Pettigrew is an experienced international business operator with recent consultancy expertise. He is a Fellow and Visiting Lecturer at two Universities in London in Cross-Cultural Communication and Perspectives. Jon has particular experience, for 10 years, with European based clients from Japan, many in the City of London, but also with industrial and government organisations. He is also experienced with clients from most EU countries and independent countries, formerly part of the USSR or its satellites. Since 2017 Jon has worked in this latter field on a continuing special project for the UK Foreign Office. Jon worked in the wine trade for 10 years, travelled widely and speaks French and German well. He has a qualification in Japanese and in Latin. He has taken courses in Spanish and is now learning Bulgarian. Jon took the post-experience Cranfield MBA and founded a pioneering internet music business in phase 1 of the web.

  • Berta Jimenez Antonio, PhD

    Institutional Representative of OSI in the Caribbean

    Diplomat. graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University Nordestana, Notary, specializing in immigration law in the United States. Practical psychological training on differential education, special international law, in the consular and diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Teacher at the UUCE university. Senate College of Hostos. Member of the National Human Rights Commission. Trainings at UN Women Training Center. Television Production Company. Responsible for social and community work, World Peace Committee, Human Rights, Women and Municipalities. Abused Mothers Foundation, Homeless Children, Security and Environment. Community Safety Council. Values, family, Youth Leadership, tactics and citizen / community security strategies. Recognition by the mayor of Hardford Connecticut delivery, key to the city. Proclaim as a distinguished daughter. Recognition as outstanding woman of the year.

  • Major US Army Roniel Aledo

    Representative of OSI In Puerto Rico and USA

    Major US Army Roniel Aledo, Analyst and collaborating researcher of SECINDEF (Security, Intelligence and Defense) (former Senior CIA Intelligence Analyst (CTR), DIA Analyst (Defense Intelligence Agency) (CTR), Intelligence and Operations of the Joint Staff in the Pentagon.

  • Claudio Paya

    OSI Representative at Italy

    Graduates in criminology ", continuing his studies at the University of Calabria in Italy, doing the Master of Intelligence. Doctor in the International University of Catalonia and the Luiss Gudo Carli in Rome, in her research she deals with the intelligence analysts, obtaining in both universities the note of Outstanding Cum Laude. He has worked at the UNED, at the UNIVERSIDAD DE NEBRIJA, currently coordinates the Doctorate of Research at the international doctoral school of INISEG / PEGASO INTERNATIONAL.

  • Eduardo Martín De Pozuelo

    Representative of Occidental World Magazine

    Journalist, Chief Editor of the newspaper La Vanguardia. Analyst and specialist in jihadist terrorism, coauthor of the book "Objective: Universal Caliphate" Collaborating analyst in SECINDEF (Security, Intelligence and Defense) Israel-USA International Consulting Counterterrorism.

  • Alexander Neuendorff

    Institutional Representative of OSI at Paraguay

    Alexander Neuendorff, Security Advisor of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Government of Paraguay. Military officer retired from the German army, with the rank of Major, specializing in military intelligence. Professional expansion in security matters at national and international level. Specialized in Analysis and Risk Management at corporate level - business with 15 years of professional experience in Paraguay. Master in Strategy and National Defense Institute of High Strategic Studies Hamburg and Bachelor in National Defense University of the German Army in Munich .. Master in Security Sciences and Risk Management. Business Intelligence and Analytics, in Risk Analysis in Project Planning in Security and Banking Security. Political advisor on national security and counterterrorism for corporate and government sectors in Africa and Latin America.

  • General Raul Silva Alban

    Ambassador of Peru

    Member of the OSI INTELLIGENCE Team in Peru. Brigadier General, General Commander of the Sixth Jungle Brigade, in Bagua, Amazonas. He has been an instructor and teacher in all the Training and Improvement Schools of the Army. He has been and continues to give lectures as a professor: At the Center for High National Studies; for the courses of National Defense, High Command of the Army and Joint Staff. Professor at the Naval War Superior School, for the Naval War Course and General Staff Officer Courses. He was Colonel Director of the Army Intelligence School. Personal Advisor to the Vice Minister of Defense Policies of the Ministry of Defense. Academic Director of the Army Education and Doctrine Command. General Commander of the Sixth Army Jungle Brigade. Second General Commander of the Northern Military Region. Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Northern Operational Command.

  • Natan Paz

    Ambassador to Israel

    Natan Paz Colonel(Ret.), Owner and CO-CEO of Infinity intelligence Ltd, Brings over 24 years of experience in prison management, special forces and intelligence. Expert in fighting crime & terror tactics: inside, into and from prison facilities. Over 10 years of experience in the special units of the Israeli border police. Former Head of the national special intelligence unit "DROR". Commander of "RAMON" maximum security prison. Head of the research and evaluation department at the intelligence division of the IPS. Research associate at the Institute for Counter-Terrorism ICT, Herzliya. Nathan holds two bachelor's degrees: Criminology and Law Enforcement studies from the "OP University" graduated with honors, and a Bachelor's of laws degree from "Bar-llan" University. He also holds a master's degrees in Law studies from "Bar-llam" University.

  • John Raciti

    Ambassador to Australia

    Ambassador of OSI Foundation in Australia and New Zealand. Counter-Terrorist Analyst at the Observatory against Terrorist Threat and Jihadist Radicalization of OSI INTELLIGENCE. Ambassador to Australia. International Human Rights Commission. Protect Internet Business / Government users against online fraud. British High Commissioner to the Vice President of the Commonwealth Nations for Australia and IHRC Human Rights Ambassador for Australia. He has studied at the Swinburne University in Security and Fight against Terrorism. British High Commissioner for Personal Interests of Commonwealth Nations. Belonging to the International Military Corps of Peacekeepers. TGS Australia and New Zealand - APAC Regional Charter. Global Risk International.

  • Ricardo Peralta

    Ambassador to Mexic

    Ricardo Peralta, Vice Minister of Interior of Mexico. Ricardo Peralta Saucedo, has been General Administrator of Customs in the Tax Administration Service (SAT). Peralta Saucedo is a lawyer by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and a teacher in Constitutional and Administrative Law by that same educational institution. He has specialties in Procuration of Justice, Organized Crime, National Security and Oral and Adversarial Criminal System, as well as prevention of money laundering and anti-corruption. Within the public administration, he has held various positions in the Legislative Assembly of the then Federal District (ALDF), the Attorney General's Office (PGR), the Attorney General's Office of the Federal District (PGJDF), among other institutions.