Welcome to OSI – Occidental Studies Institute

Welcome to OSI - Occidental Studies Institute -

Welcome to OSI – Occidental Studies Institute

The first institution in the Western World centered on the exploration of all the strands that affect our space, The Occident. OSI intends to carry out, through convergent interdisciplines, an exploration of what it entails being Occidental, living in the Occident and its relationship with external societies, both in its past, as in its present and above all, what it is that we face in the future in our Global world.

OSI begins its journey with enthusiasm and confidence, through a great team like our partners R.Ivan Simons, an experienced businessman who has traveled half the world through his companies and with his sense of analysis, will help us understand the convergence of Christian and Hebrew roots in Occidental values throughout our world and how to proceed with these values in the International Market and with its actors. Raad Salam, an expert among many other things in the situation of the Middle East and the matters of Comparative Cultures subject, will go into the reasons for this Clash of Civilizations that we are living in today; how, since ancient times, the traces of what it is to be Occidental have been constructed and currently defined, and what future steps are to be taken from the analysis of the current situation. My contribution as a Director will focus on the global vision and interaction within the Global Scene of Europe and its identity, from the kaleidoscope that it is, from the convergence of different visions within the same identity: the Occidental Values, the Occidental Stance, and how from The Occidental World and its values, the peaceful convivence is possible in our space: Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Russia and Israel.

Together, our team will join forces with our external and international collaborators, to create a dynamic and fully immersed association in the current day-to-day of those who live in the pro-Occidental stance, through the analysis of their roots, conflicts and successes; From the intellect to the direct actions, from events to popular initiatives, we will give way to the necessary reflections on the possible basis that, from the past, have affected the perception of the West, analyzing how this image is projected and constructed towards the interior of Their own World and towards the experience of the coexistence of their own values abroad.

We invite you to enjoy with us such rich and magnificent experience as it is to enter the exciting world of what is our Occidental world.


Mirta R. Acero