Welcome to Occidental World Magazine

Welcome to Occidental World Magazine

Welcome to Occidental World Magazine, the OSI Western Studies Institute magazine and the magazine of all those who value the freedom of expression that Occidental culture has been developing for millennia both within and outside of the borders of the Occidental World.

OWmagazine aims to reinforce, through the expression of diverse thoughts which identify the essence of our culture, and our common denominator: The Occidental identity.

For this, we cannot but thank all those friends who have believed in us and our project and our position from the beginning. All those who believed it necessary to show different perspectives and points of view that reflect our complex, ancient, and continually evolving Occidental culture. A culture, and a way of life that advocates peace, understanding, freedom of expression, and acceptance of others, while allowing and encouraging people to be different, to have a space within our own world for themselves, which in turn, must be respected, protected and strengthened, we want to show that the Occidental world has changed from being the cradle of all civilizations to being the model of modernity and a model that developing societies can follow for millennia.

All the articles in our Journal are written in English. However, we ask you to pay special attention to the variety of English that is used in each article for it will vary from article to article. This is a deliberate choice of the editors at OW magazine.

The editors’ choice is based on the fact that there is not just one variety of English in the world anymore but hundreds of varieties or even (if some are to believed) thousands of varieties of English that exist in the world.

Therefore, in acknowledgement of this fact, OWmagazine publishes articles that can be understood in English even if the English in these articles does not conform to the type of English that is produced in articles written by native British and American English speakers.

After all, who is a native English speaker and who is not? Is a person born in Singapore, Nigeria, or Sri Lanka a native English speaker? Certainly not to a person born in the UK or the USA, but most definitely to a person born in Singapore, Nigeria or Sri Lanka.

As a consequence of this situation, OWmagazine asks all its readers to take an open mind to English as it is written by people using English as second language, and we ask that native British and American English speakers to remember that it is the message and not the way that it is conveyed that makes communication successful.

Native and second language speakers of English contribute articles to our Journal and we are proud of all of them, and the valuable contributions that they make.

We ask all our readers to judge these articles not by the quality of their English, but by the quality of their content.

We have planned four quarterly issues of OWmagazine in our first year, these issues will show different aspects of the Occidental World. Each issue will have 3 different sections:

International Affairs:
Politics, Government, international affairs and Diplomacy.

Human Rights:
Human Rights, Gender, Religion

Cultural affairs, music, arts, exhibitions, Global cultural events, Academic papers

We will be adding more sections in the future. But for now, and to begin with, we just want to welcome you to OSI Occidental Studies Institute and its magazine Occidental World, hoping that you will enjoy these articles as much as we enjoyed collecting them for you to read and hoping that it will spike your curiosity to learn and discover more about the Occidental World.

The entire team of OSI Occidental Studies Institute & Occidental World Magazine extends to you an affectionate welcome and encourages you to follow us in this magnificent adventure that is to know as deeply as possible the history, the present, and the future of what we are: Occidentals.

Welcome to Occidental World Magazine!

Mirta R. Acero