The old continent’s christian roots

The old continent's christian roots

The old continent’s christian roots

Europe in general and Spain, in particular, is a traditionally Christian country, however, almost all the politicians of the major parties in both Europe and Spain, boast of wanting to change the state to lay, forgetting the roots and Christian history of the Old Continent.

Those who know me know that I am a Chaldean Catholic, Christian to the bones, a practitioner with a lot of honor and also a person who says what he thinks, loyal, clear and direct. Although I am of Iraqi origin, I am European in feeling, Spanish in nationality -I feel Spanish from head to toe and heart- and I love this country. I believe that I owe a debt to Western citizenship for teaching me the real meaning of Democracy, Freedom, Human Rights and the Christian tradition, and Spanish citizenship in particular, a country who welcomed me with great affection, while in my native country they wanted to kill me.

I have always been passionate about studying, researching and writing about the three monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). This is reflected in my academic inclinations, my publications, lectures and other works of critical analysis. As a result of the dictatorship and persecution that we have and are suffering, us Christians in the Arab Muslim majority countries since I have use of reason, a special interest awakened in me to get acquainted with international politics and because of my faith, by the Christian Democratic traditionalist parties. It is a way of seeing the human person in his relationship with other people and with humanity in general. At the root of our being there is a fundamental concept: the dignity of the person. The foundation of this dignity is the divine origin. Hence comes the commandment of love and brotherhood, (John 13: 34-35) “Love one another as I have loved you. In that they will know that you are my disciples”.

Among the main values, which manifests Christian democracy, or at least that is what I understood, emphasizes:

-Being a Christian Democrat means being free as a fundamental Human Right.

-Being a Christian Democrat means believing in Democracy as a formula of government precisely because democracy is the most compatible form of government with the concept of the dignity of the human person.

-Being a Christian Democrat means believing in Christian values as a fundamental instrument to ensure the progress and welfare of the nation. It is through education that we promote the dignity of the person.

-Being a Christian Democrat means proclaiming that politics, like all human activity, are subordinated to morality and ethics. That not everything is allowed in politics, but that which agrees with principles.

-Being a Christian Democrat means proclaiming the Right to the Life and defeating the culture that induces to the death.

-Being a Christian Democrat means being on the side of peace, hope, justice, freedom and love.

Christian Democrats are guided by the Christian image of the Human Being and his inalienable dignity. Seeing it with the reality of the eyes of disciples of Jesus Christ: “man is created by God in his image and likeness”.

Consistently with the Christian image of man, we make profession of his inviolable dignity.

According to Christian understanding, man has a responsibility before God and before his own conscience and is linked in community with his fellow men.

It is true that Christian Democrats affirm that Christianity is The One but we must separate State and religion; that does not mean that the State loses its Christian values and translations, that the Church and the State can collaborate with each other, each in their respective Areas. Regarding this relationship between Church and State, Christian Democrats have a different view of secularism and Masonry. For the Christian Democrats, the State should not consider religion as a simple individual feeling, which could be confined to the private sphere. On the contrary, religion, being organized also in visible structures, as it happens with the Catholic Church, has to be recognized like a public community presence. This presupposes, in addition, that each religious confession (provided it is not against the moral order and is not dangerous to public order) is guaranteed the free exercise of spiritual, cultural, educational and charitable activities of the Community of believers.

Therefore, Christian Democracy will never deny the Christian Community and those who represent it legitimately, the right to pronounce on the moral problems that today challenge the conscience of all human beings, especially legislators and jurists. It is not an undue interference by the Church in the State’s own legislative activity, but rather in the affirmation and defense of the great values which give meaning to the life of the person and safeguard his dignity.

Christian Democrats are generally social conservative, and as such, maintain a relatively skeptical position on issues such as abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex marriage.

These values affirm that, before being Christians, they are human; That is why the Church, which has the duty to proclaim firmly the truth about human being and his destiny, cannot remain indifferent and silent.

In short, the Christian Democrats believe that excluding religion from social life, in particular the marginalization of Christianity, undermines the very foundations of human coexistence, because before being of a social and political order, these bases are of a moral order.

God bless Europe and all Europeans in good faith.

Raad Salam Naaman