OSI Foundation – If not, who will ?

OSI Foundation - If not, who will ?

OSI Foundation – If not, who will ?

The United Kingdom is now pre-occupied with Brexit. How did the majority of all Politicians, World Wide experts, and International commentators get it so wrong.

The initial response is clear, such Politicians and experts are out of touch with the People.

This is evidenced throughout Europe that not all the masses of each Member Country are happy with the European Union. Voices of discontent are being heard in Italy, France, Hungary and Austria in recent months.

The Bureaucrats of the EU need to look inwards as to why there is growing resistance from the people whereas the Leaders continue to ignore their views as they know better! Establish what are the real issues with Europe, as these are now becoming evident in the UK exit negotiations:

-Is it about Immigration? But now it seems not from Europe but the Middle East and Sub- Sahara.

-Is it about Inaction? But it is a failure to respond quickly as a single block to crisis matters.

-Is it about Power? Who really runs the EU? Germany? What is its motive?

The stream of questions keep being asked, but no straight honest answers.

There is turmoil all around the World, that is what concerns the people, and overall how and who will resolve these, to converge in a trustful relationship between East and West.

What will evaporate accusations and falsehoods being scattered around by email, tweets, social media, leaks, hacking and distrust of The News?

OSI intends to create a Forum for open, truthful discussion to rebuild the platform for mutual understanding and respect between Cultures, Race and Religion.

If not, who will.