Occidental Studies Institute Events

European Occidental Identity: EUROPE OF REGIONS

Friday 1st December 2017
Opening of Conferences.
Dr. András Lénárt.Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies and Propaganda Filming at University of Szeged. Senior Advisor in Institutional Speech
& Mass Media at Occidental Studies Institute.

09.30 AM
Islam in Europe or Islamic Europe? Integration of Muslim communities in Europe. Dr. László Csicsmann Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and
International Relations, Corvinus University of Budapest.

10.00 AM
European identity in flux. Dr. Boglárka Koller Dean, Faculty of International and European Studies, National University of Public Service, Budapest.

11.00 AM
The People ofthe Book and the Origins of Western Values. Dr. David Berstein Dean of Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in New York and Jerusalem.

12.00 AM

Friday 1st December 2017 Identity Challenges & Opportunities in the Middle East: Recovering the Roots of Western Culture. Dr. Mercedes Rubio Director of Academic Affairs at Polis, The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities. Coordinator of Saxum Pedagogical and Research Programmes in Jerusalem.
3.30 PM
The evolution of Turkish Identity in the last century. Dr. Aysun Akan Lecturer in Society and Politics, Faculty of Communication. Izmir University of Economics, Turkey.
4.30 PM
Islam and Occident. The silent conquest. Is dialogue possible? Dr. Raad Salam Naam Senior Lecturer in Arabic Philology and Islamic Studies at San Pablo-CEU University, Madrid. Senior Advisor  n Comparative Cultures & Middle East Affairs at Occidental Studies Institute.
5.30 PM

Saturday 2nd December
Crisis of multiculturalism in Europe. Dr. Bernadett Lehoczki Associate professor of International Affairs, Corvinus University of Budapest.
10.00 AM
The Crisis of Democracy and the rise of Populism: LA vs EU. Dr. Giorgio Alberti Former Professor in Political Science at Bolognia University, Italy. Senior Advisor in Global Policy at
Occidental Studies Institute.
11.00 AM
Economic crisis and Euroscepticism: A view from the South. Dr. Dimitris Katsikas Lecturer in Political Science and Public Administration, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
Head at Crisis Observatory, Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP).
12.00 AM

Saturday 2nd December
Re-imagining Leadership; Leadership concepts in the West. MSc. Ariane Agostini Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Management at Regent´s University, London
3.30 PM
Yes to regionalism, no to a “multispeed” Europe: Europe from a Central European Perspective. Dr. Zoltán Gálik Associate professor in International Affairs at International Studies
Institute, Corvinus University of Budapest.
4.30 PM
E3R: Europe ofthe Three Regions. Towards a powerful new integration: dynamics with a sub-regional macroeconomic cooperation.
Dr. Christian Ghymers Former Professor in Macroeconomics at ICHEC-Business School, Former Senior Advisor in DG ECFIN in EU, Deputy-President of Triffin Foundation and President of IRELAC, Brussels. Senior Advisor in Global Governance&Macro Policies at Occidental Studies Institute.
5.30 PM
Occidental Studies Institute: A New Vision. Dr. Mirta R. Acero President and Founder of Occidental Studies Institute and Occidental World Magazine. PhD and Expert in
Occidental Identity.
6.30 PM
Closing Cocktail




Former General Director of Industry of the Government of the Canary Islands, Strategic Consulting Manager, Ph.D Professor in Industrial Engineering, specialized in Innovation. Senior Advisor in Strategy and Regional Development at OSI, Occidental Studies Institute.
Former President of Banesto Bank, international businessman and writer.
Journalist and Spanish politician, Former Regional Deputy for Catalonia. Owner and President of the media group Intereconomía.
Senior Advisor G-20 in China, Former Advisor in DG ECFIN (EU), Vice-President of the International Association RobertTriffin, President of the Chamber of Commerce Belgo-Chilean and Senior
Advisor in Global Governance and Macro Policy in OSI Occidental Studies Institute
General of the Armed Forces in Romania, Senior Advisor on Economic Affairs and International Policy, member of the Paris Institute of International Commerce and Senior Advisor in  eostrategy  t OSI Occidental Studies Institute

PhD in Arab Philosophy and specialist in Comparative Religions, analyst on Middle East issues. Senior Advisor in Comparative Cultures and Middle Eastern Affairs at OSI Occidental Studies Institute.