External Collaborators


Global Consulting


Be-a-Chameleon, using its network from Financial Services and Cultural Trainer in Germany, Cameroon, France, Germany, Spain, Singapore and the United Kingdom and with international clients based in Latin America and the EMEA region as well, will work with us offering Facilitation, Coaching, Cultural Expertise, and Translation but also support in research to the Institute. Both the Institute and Be-a-Chameleon Global Consulting have the same aspirations and values which are to bring people together and create a better future for the next generations, hopefully free from war and racism.

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Interdisciplinary network


The Interuniversity Institute for the Relations between European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean is an non-profit u organization of experts in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean that works as an interdisciplinary network of many universities and academic experts dealing with the relations between the two regions, especially focused upon analysing the bi-regional academic relations and cooperation.


Communication & Culture


Mandelo, a company focused on the enablement of sustainable performance improvement in teams and individuals working in multinational contexts. It has over 15 years’ experience improving the communication skills and performance of individuals, and intercultural teams, within large organizations, and international businesses. Mandelo is one of the leading experts in the field of intercultural exploration. His specialties include developing effective ways of enabling businesses and people to perform exceptionally well in intercultural business contexts.


Institute of Languages & Humanities


Polis – The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities is an academic institution founded in 2011 with the goal of contributing to the revitalization of the humanities through the development of an innovative methodology -the Polis Method- that brings back to life the languages of the Western Ancient and Medieval World and teaches Middle Eastern languages through full immersion. This methodology enables students to speak, read and write fluently these languages as they do with their mother tongue, enabling them the possibility of conducting a direct dialogue with the sources of our intellectual history, so that future generations can keep enjoying the fruits produced by those who preceded us. Recovering access to these sources, most of which have never been translated to a modern language, scholars will be able to shed light on issues affecting contemporary societies and ways of thinking.

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Web Development & Design – Graphic Studio – Digital Communication


Tiwilab was born thanks to the alliance of two specialists in communications, graphic design and web design, together with more than 20 years of experience in the business.

Laboratory of creations and energies, Tiwilab combines dynamism, speed of execution and professionalism to offer you a unique management of your communication, favored by the perfect complementarity of its two founders.


International Organization for Democracy and Human Rights


Promotes the concepts of international conventions by creating practical projects, especially those relating to auto-determination, of guarantying privileges, protection of refugee and minorities, the rights of children and women, to slavery and similar practices, the rights of the revoked people or of those who are in prison, protection against torture and other inhuman treatment, the right to peace and privacy, the rights of people with disabilities, to also advocate for the prevention of war crimes and crimes against humanity and of genocide, develop concepts of the international law of humanitarianism and to pursue implementation of what was discussed at the meetings but also in the corporations of the United Nations.