Academic Board

Cultural Heritage Department

Dr. Mercedes Rubio

S. A Ancient & Classical Heritage

Dr. Mercedes Rubio graduated in Humanities (Philosophy Department) at the University of Navarra (Spain), obtained the Diplome Européen d’Études Médiévales (Brussels SIEPM – Rome La Sapienza) and received a PhD degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2002. Her publications cover a wide range of topics in Greek, Latin and Hebrew Philosophy and Theology, with particular attention to the fields of theory of knowledge and philosophy of language. Her Doctoral dissertation, Aquinas and Maimonides on the Possibility of the Knowledge of God, won the Shlomo Pines Prize and was later published in the Series “Amsterdam Studies in Jewish Thought.” She is a faculty member of the Polis Institute of Languages and Humanities in Jerusalem, where she also holds the positions of Director of Research and Director of Institutional Relations, and is also Assistant Editor of the Bibliographia Thomistica section of the Corpus Thomisticum international Project.

Dr. David I. Bernstein

S. A Jewish Culture

Mr. David I. Bernstein is the Dean of the Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. He holds a B.A. and M.A. in History and a Ph.D. in Religious Education from New York University. He also attended Yeshivat HaMivtar. In addition, David is the Educational Consultant for Heritage Seminars and has led more than 50 Jewish heritage trips to Poland, Prague, Budapest, and Berlin. He has been the Dean of Pardes since 1998. Previously, he was the director of Midreshet Lindenbaum, popularly known as Brovender’s, for 12 years. David was a Jerusalem Fellow at the Mandel School for Jewish Education in Jerusalem from 1996-1998. Before moving to Israel in 1984, David was the director of informal education at the Ramaz Upper School in New York City, where he created and taught a 2-year curriculum integrating world and Jewish history.


Dr. Raad Salam Naaman

S. A. Comparative Cultures & Middle East Affairs

Professor, writer, international lecturer and interpreter, Doctor in Arab Philology and Islamic Studies, researcher in comparative religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, expert in Biblical Theological Studies and Middle East, Ancient History of Mesopotamia, Religious Sciences and also Economist. Member of Honor in the Chaldean Global Union, President Chaldean Union in Spain. Native from Nínive (Irak) and Spanish citizen, he has developed his studies between Basora and Madrid. An active member of debates on radio and television in different parts of the world he works sealing deeply under the roots of islamic tradition and Judeo-Christian values from Ancient heritage to our contemporary times to improve our social skills through the understanding of current conflicts-. He is the author of numerous publications, mastering Arabic -Ancient, classical and dialectal-, Aramaic, Biblical ancient Hebrew, Spanish and English.

Ma. George Alexander

J. A Geostrategy of Religions

Mr. George Alexandre is a writer, orator, human resource trainer, and Pan-Orthodox Christian activist. He was instrumental in founding Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society, an organization dedicated to Pan-Orthodox Christian unity. He holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Kerala and a Masters in Research in Social Sciences from the Mahatma Gandhi University. He has written several books and numerous articles. His areas of interest include human resources and community development, church management, Orthodox Christian journalism, Christian persecution, NGO management, contemporary Orthodoxy, inter-Orthodox dialogue and Pan-Orthodox studies.


Dr. Mirta R. Acero

S. A.  Occidental Identity

Mirta is Doctor in European Identity and constitutional European Framework, researcher, writer, professor of Modern and Contemporary History and also specialises in Foreign Trade and International Relations, she has acquired various experiences combining university degrees in History of Art, Modern and Contemporary History, expertise in History of Music and Art Market and also International Affairs with her experience around Europe. She has made networking as an academic and also through the business world. Also, she has been applying her expertise as a lecturer and as a consultant in North-Central, West and South of Europe. She collaborates as an academic member of IRELAC -International Relations between Europe, Latin America and The Caribbean-, a Brussels institution connected with EU and its ECLAC -Commission for Latin America and The Caribbean-; she is also a member of 3QC a Think-Tank based at Regent´s University in London.

Iván López Casanova

S.A Family and Interpersonal Relations

Iván López Casanova. General Surgeon and Gastroenterology at the University Hospi­tal of the Canary Is­lands (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). Master’s Degree in Bioethics from the Un­iversity of La Lagun­a. Master’s Degree in Family Education from the International University of Catalon­ia. Master’s Degree in Personal Anthropology from the Catholic University of Valenci­a. Writer. Spain

International Affairs Department

Dr. Finn Majlergaard

S. A Cultural Conflict & Global Resolutions

Dr. Finn Majlergaard is the founder and CEO of Gugin, a global operating consulting firm specialised in helping companies and organisations leverage the cultural diversity. Gugin facilitates post-merger integration processes, corporate culture development and offers a wide range of workshops and courses. Dr. Majlergaard is also a professor at several business schools and universities around the world. He has published 2 books on leveraging cultural diversity. He holds a doctoral degree from International School of Management in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai and an MBA from Henley Management College, UK.

Ma. Cristina Bejenaru

J. A Russian and East European Affairs

Dedicated expert with a strong background in International Relations, Ms. Cristina Bejenaru has obtained her Bachelor Degree in Political Sciences at the Institute of International Relations of Moldova and graduated with High Honors her Master degree in Political Sciences at the Academy of Public Administration by the Government of Moldova. She is a former consultant of the Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs with a history of working in justice and home affairs, project management, and European integration processes. Ms. Bejenaru was an intern at the Regional Anticorruption Initiative Secretariat from Bosnia and Herzegovina, an intergovernmental regional organization which deals solely with anti-corruption issues, covering the nine member states: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia. As well, Ms. Bejenaru is a keynote speaker and trainer aimed to promote the good governance principles, fair justice, and human rights with a special focus on child protection. She wrote several publications approaching the fields of justice and home affairs, geopolitics, human rights, international child abduction, globalization, integrity and democratic values. Ms. Bejenaru is committed to developing solution-oriented strategies, concepts, and development plans for public authorities, NGOs, international organizations, both at internal and regional levels. She strongly believes the right information and the right use of it lead to power and empowering. She found Occidental World as a platform to express an unbiased point of view and to contribute to spreading information alongside with other contributors, as well committed to sharing their experience and knowledge.

Cristina Bejenaru-Assistant Director-OSI Foundation

Dr. Raphael Louis

S.A Canadian Affairs

Dr. Raphael Louis is a United Nations (UN) E-Government and Knowledge in Government Management Certified, Global Healthcare Reform Expert and holds two Honorary Doctorate Degrees in Community Development at Saint Peter and Saint Paul College and University for his lifetime humanitarian achievement, and Doctor of Humanitarian Services (Honoris Causa) at the World organization of Natural Medicine (WONM). He is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the ‘International Council’ founded in Solothurn (Switzerland) as a small round with the name International Council for Practice-Based Research and Sustainability and a first class network of Prime-Ministers, Ministers, Presidents, Chairmen, CEO’s and other leaders of international institutions and organizations, groups and companies. Hon. H.E. Sir. Dr. Raphael Louis track record of executive experience is quite notable within a broad cross-section of public, private, not-for-profit, academic organizations, philanthropic, chivalric and corporate entities at the local, national and global levels. His Chivalric and Executive achievement is remarkable. He has been bestowed the honors of Sir Knight (SK) by the Knights of Columbus, the Color Corps and Patriotic Degree (KoC), White Knight Prior, and Knight Commander for British Columbia Canada by the Order of Saint Paul (OSP) and is a top management and executive board member within several world renowned institutions.


Gabriella Gricius

J.A. in the USA and Australian Affairs.

Gabriella Gricius is a Senior Research Associate at the Public International Law and Policy Group in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She is pursuing her Masters in International Security at the University of Groningen and writes for Global Security Review as a freelance analyst on European Security. In addition, Ms. Gricius is the Operational Manager of Sub-Stances, a platform geared towards providing historical and cultural background information for travellers and acts as a journalist and legal consultant for yoganect, a social platform for yoga practitioners. She received her Bachelors in International Relations from Boston University in 2015, and a further Certificate of Journalism from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2017. Further, she has taken coursework in web development, business, and federalism & multilevel constitutionalism. From 2015-2016, she was a Fellow for the Congress-Bundestag Exchange for Young Professionals in Berlin, Germany. She has formerly worked in the Office of the Prosecutor in Investigations and Analysis at the International Criminal Court. Her specializiations are in journalism, security studies, investigatory work, Central and Eastern European studies, and identity politics. She is originally from Great Falls, Virginia and currently lives in Groningen, Netherlands.

Diplomacy & Human Rights

Dr. Christian Ghymers

S. A. Global Governance & Macro Policies

Dr. Christian Ghymers is expert in International Economics. President of the «Institut Interdisciplinary pour les Relations entre l’Union Européenne et l’Amérique Latine et les Caraïbes» (IRELAC – ICHEC, Brussels), Vice-President of the Robert Triffin International Association – RTI, Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve, and President of the accredited Belgo-Chilean Chamber of Commerce. In policy making he is specialized in governance issues (crisis management), regional integration, international monetary issues, and coordination of macroeconomic policies. He was Adviser in the Research Department of the Central Bank of Belgium (1978-1986), in the European Commission (1986-2013, DG Economy and Finance- ECFIN) and Coordinator of macroeconomic policies (Euro-area, G-7 – G-20), Governor’s adviser to several African Central banks 1992 and 1994, as Senior Adviser to the ECLAC/UN 2000-2003, as Senior Adviser to IMF Joint Vienna Institute 2009-2011) as well as consultant to other institutions in Latin America and Africa. He published around 60 works in Economics and Political Economy and several works on the Latin American independence ideas and constitutional philosophy. He was also Visiting Fellow at Bank of England (1981), the New-York Federal Reserve Bank (1984), the Brookings Institution (1984, Washington DC), and “Maître de Conférence” at the “Université Catholique de Louvain” (UCL, Belgium) and at the “Ecole Normale d’Administration” (ENA, Strasbourg, France).

Dr.-Christian-Ghymers - Senior Advisor of Global Governance&Macro Policies - OSI Foundation
Dr-Giorgio-Alberti-Senior Advisor of Global Policy Expert - OSI Foundation

Dr. Giorgio Alberti

S. A. Global Policy

Dr Giorgio Alberti is an expert in Democratic Processes and the rise and development of Populist Movements which threaten its stability and very existence. His early research on the organizaton of Indian Communities in the Central Sierra of Perú led him to discover particular forms of local, participatory democracy, which contrasted with oligarchic style of government at the national level. Since then, the question of democracy and the search for the determinants of its good performance and stability have been at the center of his interests, particularly in the Latin american setting, where democrcy is still unstable and fragile.He held the chair of Theory of Political Development at the University of Bologna (Italy), taught at the Bologna Center of the Johns Hopkins University and was also visiting professor at Columbia and Cornell Universities (USA).

MA. Ariane Agostini

S. A International Leadership

Mrs. Ariane Agostini is a Senior Lecturer in Leadership at Regent’s University London, where she also is responsible for teacher education on a postgraduate level. Prior to joining Regent’s, Ariane worked as an executive coach, trainer and consultant with clients such as Apple, Deutsche Bank, Ford Motor Company, Virgin, Unilever and Sandoz. She has over 15 years of management experience in corporate settings. Prior to working in the UK, she lived and worked in seven countries and speaks six languages. She has a MSc in Cross-Cultural Management from the Vrije Universiteit, a BA in Hospitality Management from the Hotelschool the Hague, a Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Behaviour from Birkbeck College and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from University of Westminster. In addition, she has trained in leadership, coaching, facilitation, conflict resolution and other areas with organisations such as CTI (The Coaches Training Institute), Gordon Training International, CFOR, and others. She is also trained as a Dance of Awareness facilitator. Ariane firmly believes in the innate creative potential present in all human beings, and that its expression is essential for individuals and organisations to learn, change, grow and thrive. This is the approach she is bringing to her work in leadership and education.


Ma. Michael Giffoni

S.A  International Diplomacy & Business Intelligence

Mr. Michael L. Giffoni, as Italian and European EU Diplomat, during his career he has covered important positions as “Antici officer” to the Permanent Representation of Italy to the EU ( 2000-2004 ), Head of the EU task force for Western Balkans ( 2005-2008 ), first Italian Ambassador to Kosovo ( 2008-2013) and Head of the Unit for Northern Africa, Mediterranean and Arab Transition at the Italian Foreign Ministry ( 2013-14).

Ma.Demostene Olariu

S. A Human Rights and NGO´s.

Mr. Demostene Olariu graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Sociology in Romania and is the president of the International Organization for Democracy and Human Rights IODHR – Norway and the Cultural Ambassador of Center for Education and Promotion Association from Bucharest – Romania .He worked in the Romanian Government as a counselor in the Ministry of Interior and Public Administration, the Prefecture of Iasi County, and with over 15 years of experience in the field of NGO, project manager, trainer and entrepreneur in the social economy. Mr. Demostene Olariu, is an expert on minority issues, by finding optimal solutions and developing disadvantaged communities, by creating practical projects, especially those relating to auto determination, personal development, social protection of refugee and minorities, projects of the rights of children and women, to slavery and similar practices, social inclusion projects for people those who are in prison. Ambassador of the United Refugee Green Council in Cyprus, President of the Romanian – Norwegian Association HOPE and executive secretary of the ALFA Romania Association, coordinator of various national projects funded by the European Union for the social integration of minoritie.

Human Rights-NGO-Ma.Demostene Olariu.-OSI-Foundation.jpg
Communication, Marketing and Speech

Dr. Attila Kenyeres

S.A Manipulation of Mass-Media

Mr. Attila Zoltan Kenyeres is also a freelance writer, and a former public and political journalist as well. He had made thousands of television reports and newspaper articles (including interviews with prime ministers) before headed to the academic world. He has been an assistant lecturer since 2008 at the University of Debrecen and has got his own course, called “Media Manipulation”, which is open to all of the students, regardless of their major. He has written a book as well on this topic and hold presentations all around Hungary about the manipulation techniques used by media workers and about fake news. The main goal of his book and presentations is to point out the importance of critical thinking about media contents. His Ph.D. dissertation is about how educational science television programs (e.g. National Geographic Channel) shape the knowledge of adults about science and scientific results. He was chosen in 2017 -as the first and so far the only Hungarian scholar- to take part of an American scholarship program (SUSI) on journalism and media in Ohio, USA, founded by the U.S. State Department. He is also a member of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC).

Ma.Dimitris Polychronopoulos

S.A Interlanguage & Intercultural Communication

Mr. Dimitris Polychronopoulos has lived his childhood dream of studying many languages and using them to communicate in countries across the globe. Along the way he has learned many different cultural traits. He has a Master of International Studies and a Master of Business Administration. He has lived in seven countries and spent extensive time in another eight countries. He has studied more than 20 languages and can converse in more than a dozen languages. He was Congress Coordinator for the Society of Intercultural Education Training & Research’s congress in Dublin 2017. He is based in Oslo, Norway.


Dr. András Lénárt

S. A. Institutional Speech

Dr. András Lénárt is Senior Lecturer of University of Szeged (Hungary) and visiting professor at the University of Barcelona and Huelva (Spain). His research interests include the relation between cinema and history, Spanish and Latin American history, politics and culture, Inter-American Studies, and Propaganda Studies. His more than 70 publications, written in Spanish, English and Hungarian, have appeared in Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, German and Canadian journals, volumes of essays and books, and also on the website of the US Library of Congress, National Film Registry. He is the author of Spanish Cinema under the Franco Regime: Ideology, Propaganda and Film Policy, published in Hungarian in 2014. He is member of the General Assembly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and of various international associations, such as EAAS (European Association for American Studies) and AHILA (Association for European Historians of Latin America). He is a founding member of the Hungarian Research Centre for Inter-American Studies and the Hungarian Research Group for Caribbean Studies.

Ma. Alysara Mayers-Green

S. A Methodology of Cross-Cultural Communication

A strong, mature woman, Mrs. Alysara Mayers-Green is focused on meaningfully connecting groups across differences, so that the wealth of experience individuals bring can be acknowledged and valued. As social animals, we need to build stronger connections through a variety of teaching methodologies, in Aly’s view. A lifelong educator in the private, public, and diplomatic world, having taught across cultures and disciplines, Aly prefers collaborative activities that engage people as equals, with less emphasis on the role of “experts” in developing connections.Aly has earned a B.A. in Sociology, with a minor in Psychology (New School for Social Research, NYC), and an M.S. degree in Training Design (New York Institute of Technology, NYC). In recent years, Aly has drawn on her dance background to develop a series of easy-to-follow rhythmic/movement activities that can be added to sessions, helping people de-stress and have a bit of fun together.Through marriage, friendships, and work, Aly has developed close relationships with people across many cultures, particularly in the Chinese community. Originally from the New York area, where she raised her children, Aly now travels between the USA, UK, and Israeli Negev desert, where she now resides on a kibbutz with her husband.


Ma. Cédric Dalmasso – Tiwilab

Creative Designer – Web Development & Design – Graphic Studio

Cédric is an independent Graphic Designer & Web Designer. He created Tiwilab 8 years ago in Paris.
Tiwilab was born thanks to the alliance of two specialists in communications, graphic design and web design, together with more than 20 years of experience in the business.
Laboratory of creations and energies, Tiwilab combines dynamism, speed of execution and professionalism to offer you a unique management of your communication, favored by the perfect complementarity of its two founders.