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About Occidental Studies Institute


The Western World is heading towards a fundamental crisis of its principals: its identity and social values are threatened, its Welfare system is unbalanced, and problems of immigration, populism, systemic gaps, contradictory policies and failures of community integration are destabilising all western societies.


The Occidental Studies Institute (OSI) seeks to explore the idiosyncratic nature of what it is to be an Occidental citizen, living in an Occidental State and an Occidental Society in the current global context; we are trying to find out who Occidental citizens are, where we are going, what our common roots are and, above all else we seek to identify how we can successfully confront the real challenges that we are facing in the world today.

We believe that the solution to the conflict between the Occident and those outside the Occident is to understand the roots of all these problems, analysing the set of circumstances that affect communities and interactions within communities, to develop a broad perspective of the role of communities in contemporary Occidental society, and to organize and plan effective policies to facilitate understanding between different social groups.


OSI intends to explore the values of the Western Mindset as a concept of integration, as an idea of universalism based on common principles and as model of real integration and tolerance. OSI has developed the concept of “Westernity” as a synonym for Occidental thought.

About Occidental Studies Institute
OSI intends to explore the values of the Western Mindset as a concept of integration itself, as an idea of the universalism based on the common principles and as model of real integration and tolerance.
About Occidental Studies Institute


OSI is the first and only centre of Occidental studies within the Western world that intends to research the roots of western society, while identifying its complementarities and synergies with other cultures inside and outside of “Westernity”. As well as identifying the incidence of Occidental influence in global policies and models of governance, OSI seeks to define a clear picture of what the concept of “Westernity “involves; what it is to live in an Occidental Society and what is to be an Occidental citizen, as well as exploring what the implications of this are for our own future and the Occident’s own interaction with different societies.

OSI intends to demonstrate the value of “Westernity” to our own Occidental societies and to other cultures that want to explore the convergence of Western values within our system, to help to show how communication between different communities inside the western world aid cultural consciousness. OSI seeks to show how what works inside of the Occident can work outside it through the development of skills which emerged only out of the emergence of Occidental society itself.

OSI offers consultancy services that will help people understand concepts of macroeconomic adaptation and sociocultural policies that new trends in the Western World demand we know about, helping the business world, educational systems, international institutions, and the world of Higher Education to better understand how communities can integrate successfully inside and outside of the Western World.

OSI seeks to develop a better understanding of the meaning of “Westernity” through sociological research and in collaboration with other international collaborators and institutions, helping to promote these values through democratic systems of government and foreign policies.

About Occidental Studies Institute