OSI seeks to research the idiosyncrasy of what is to be an Occidental citizen in the actual global context…

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Explore the values of the Western Mindset

OSI intends to explore the values of the Western Mindset as a concept of integration itself, as an idea of the universalism based on the common principles and as model of real integration and tolerance.

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During the week March 18-22, 2019, two Romanian members of the European Parliament, Mr. Mihai Turcanu and Mr Theodor Stolojan, organized an art exhibition at the EP premises, named “Romanian contemporary artists”. OSI was one of the partners.  ...

During one of his powerful speeches,  Emmanuel Macron stated that the relationship between the Church and the State has deteriorated and that we need to care about repairing it, because a Church that pretends to be disinterested in temporal matters ...

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Interdisciplinary research, seminars, colloquia and international congresses, specialization programs for university students, post docs, professionals from the world of diplomacy, the world of international business and senior officials from intergovernmental institutions

OSI look for obtaining a better understanding of the meaning of being Occidental through sociological research and in collaboration with other international collaborators and institutions, helping to promote these values through our democratic system and foreign policies.